Anyone is welcome to be a part of Summit Watch. You don’t need to be an environmental activist, an ecological scientist, or an advocate to join the crusade.

Being an active online platform for people who want to save and protect the environment, Summit Watch is constantly on-the-move. New articles and updates are posted every day. More and more people are taking the challenge to do something about the environment, and this can only mean good things for Summit Watch.

Young as it may still be, the number of regular visitors the website is continuously increasing. Summit Watch is slowly but surely gaining a steady place in the online industry. If you want to be a part of our growing community, there are several options that you can choose from.

How to Advertise

Here at Summit Watch, you can choose how to advertise your product, service, or event. Check out the following ad banner options before deciding on how to get your message across:

1. Rotating Banner – This will be placed under the navigation menu, so it will be easy for people to see your ad. The banners will rotate so that all advertisers will enjoy maximum exposure.

2. Square Banner – The widget sidebar is where you will find the square banner. This banner ad is also rotating.

3. Within Text Banner – This banner will come out in between texts.

Choose which banner will best satisfy your advertising needs. Let us know what you decide on and together, we’ll work on getting your message across to different audiences.

For details on the banner rates, please click this link.