Should You and Your Family Really Care About the Environment?


Unless you and your family have been living under a rock, you know that our environment is in dire need of help. It is slowly dying. While many would like to argue and play the blame game, it is a universally accepted truth that man has a major contribution to what is happening to our environment today. So, there is no reason for asking if you and your family should care about the environment, is there? Nevertheless, here are some reasons why you should start doing something.

Your Health and Your Family’s Health

Why is our environment on the brink of death? It is slowly dying because it is polluted and uncared for. It is dirty. With polluted surroundings, your health and that of your family’s is at stake. The food you eat and the water you drink are in danger. Our natural resources are slowly disappearing, which means one of our primary sources of food, water, and energy will soon be gone.

The Environment is the Home of Animals and Plants

As a result of pollution and other environmentally-related problems, the natural habitat of our animals and plants are compromised. This is what biodiversity is all about. We need biodiversity to survive. We need biodiversity for water, for food, for building our homes, and for many of our basic needs.


The Environment is Earth

The Earth is where we live in. We cannot afford to destroy our home. Can you and your family imagine the Earth slowly dissolving into nothingness? You cannot just sit back and do nothing; you need to contribute in your own little way to the fight for our environment’s life.

What You Do Says A Lot About You

Whatever you do reflects on the kind of person that you are. Whatever you do not do speaks volumes about you. So, if you choose to just watch and let our environment rot away, what does that say about you and your family?


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